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Welcome to Meditation Music Central,
the go-to site for royalty free meditation music.

Beautiful premium compositions for your meditation,
healing or inspirational projects

Click on a category below to browse our music.

Meditation music is our passion

as well as our specialty.


We offer a rich variety of soundscapes that relax, inspire and create a beautiful setting for your media creations. And unlike most large corporate music libraries, we have extensive first hand experience in the transformational power of meditation music. These compositions combine traditional acoustic instruments with electronic textures to provide a varied and colorful musical environment.

These tracks, many in extended lengths, provide a perfect backdrop for guided meditations, Yoga videos, spiritual events and presentations, sleep therapy, healing environments, spa or store soundtracks, nature films or underscore for films and theatrical productions.

Extended Length Chakra Meditations

for Directed Healing


We offer seven individual chakra tracks that encompass corresponding key tones and sacred syllables.

At an average length of nine minutes, this peaceful music affords ample time time for directed healing modalities. Each of these tracks are available

individually or in a complete, specially priced set of seven.

Please click here for more info.

Contact us at:
phone: (805) 506-9252
Here's a sampler video of some of our meditations filmed at Pt. Mugu, CA at sunset.
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Something Extra!
What Is Your Frequency?

It is possible for the voiceover to literally be "in tune" with the music in your project, and it can make a big difference! Did you know that there is one note that each of us unconsciously repeats literally hundreds of times a day? A note that resonates with you above all others?

Need Help Completing Your Project?

If you are new to recording and pro audio, lack the proper software or are simply too busy to finish your project in the way that you would you like, we can help. With 20 years professional experience producing meditative music with voiceovers, we are uniquely qualified to bring your project to its fullest potential. We can improve your vocal track with noise reduction, by editing out distracting noises, and by adding clarity and warmth. The music you choose from our site will be balanced at the proper level to insure your listeners will not miss a word and will be fully immersed in the music. Simply send us your voiceover and we will complete the track for you. This service is prompt and very affordable.

Downloading Music &


Obtaining music from this site is very easy. First, pick a category and browse and sample some music. Once you find the music that's right for your project, click the pay now button and complete your purchase through PayPal.The purchase price always includes the music license.

Allow 24 hours for a link to your music to be emailed to you.

Absolutely Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Royalty Free Music!

Is Custom Music Available?

If only special, original music will do for your project, we are happy to assist you. We will create the perfect musical match for your project. Please drop us a line in the contact page.

Why Not Just Download Music From iTunes or Amazon?

You need to obtain permission to use someone else's music in your video because they are the copyright holder of that content. Besides being unethical, using music without permission is illegal and could result in legal action. As such, having permission not only protects you from lawsuits but enables you to use it now and into the future. You have the unlimited right to use the music for monetary purposes.

Royalty free music is more expensive than regular downloads because with each download you are receiving a music license. 

For more specifics on the the license, please click here.

How Does Meditation or Healing Music
Differ From Regular Background Music?

An important distinction between meditation or healing music and generic background music is the intention of the composer. The goal is to create a sense of comfort, security and continuity in order to support healing and higher states of consciousness. Harmonic progressions are subtle and graceful. Relaxed tempos support and align with calm, measured breathing.

Instruments that are rich in the history of world spiritual traditions are often used as well as modern sounds. These compositions are the result of many hours of performing live with spiritual teachers, healers, yogis, ministers and shamans. Our music is informed by direct experience of meditation, healing music and yoga.

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