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I"'ve tried and tried to find beautiful calming music and...this is the best. I'm knocked out by his choice of sounds, textures and musicality."  Kenny Loggins

This is what people are saying about Meditation Music Central, the royalty free meditation music site, and its chief composer Jack Lee.

"We are so grateful. This beautiful and inspiring background music made all the difference in the success of our project." GK

"Yup, I'll say it again.  This guy! In this year of expressing my gratitude, I cup my hands and shout out the biggest thank you. Jack Lee made it all possible."

Rev. David Ault

"I cannot recommend this music highly enough. It adds and immense value to any project."  DG

"The music and sounds from your meditations are so deeply healing. I find myself gently transported to a place of nurturing Divine comfort, beauty, peace and inner reflection. Powerful, transformational selections indeed!"  AR

"Thank you Jack, I am so grateful there is a person like you in our world. It's been my privilege to co-create with you."  Dr. Robert Lloyd

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