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Music For Yoga

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Our music for yoga supports active movement while at the same time creates an immersive and hypnotic atmosphere. In addition, we offer shivasana music for release and relaxation. Created for online, video or podcast yoga classes. The extended lengths of these pieces add to their versatility.

A link to download a full CD quality .wav file and an MP3 will be sent with each purchase.  The price for each individual fully licensed composition is as marked.  Please allow 24 hours for delivery via email.

1. Brand New! The Lotus (movement)

Extended length. Flute, tabla, Hammered dulcimer, keyboards and Weisenborne slide guitar. The tempo of 67 beats per minute was suggested by top Yoga teachers as an optimal pulse for moving asanas. The feeling is bright, hypnotic and ethereal. License: $65.

Full length: 18:10, sample :44 sec.

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2. A Walk In Sunlight. (movement)

Balinese gamelan bells, electric guitars, brushes & keyboards. The tone is relaxing, gentle, and optimistic. License: $55.

Full length: 6:25, sample 1:00

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3. Evening Groove  (movement)

Baritone guitar, autoharps, classical guitar, hammered dulcimer. Mysterious, darkly beautiful. License: $55.

Full length: 8:13, sample 1:04

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4. The Harmonic Meditation (shivasana)

Warm flute, sustained tones morphing over time. License: $65.

Full length: 19:03, sample 1:23

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5. The Ascendance Meditation (shivasana) 

The feeling is ethereal, timeless, tidal and gentle. License: $65.

Full length: 16:33, sample 1:00

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6. The Oceanic Meditation (shivasana)

A full and luscious sound environment that features slow and subtle changes in timbre..License: $65.

Full length: 18:57. Sample: 1:02 

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7. The Rolling Om (shivasana)

Simply, numerous voices repeating the Universal Om with instrumental backing. License: $65.

Full length: 16:54. Sample: 57 sec..

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