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Your Resonant Frequency

Custom Background Music Tuned to Your Voice

What is Your Resonant Frequency?

We are, like everything in our universe, composed of many vibrations moving at very different frequencies. Some, like matter, are moving slowly and some, like light energy, very quickly. One of these vibrations is sound and each of us has a unique resonant frequency.

The words we speak in everyday conversation create sounds at a characteristic habitual pitch which we repeat literally thousands of times every day. We may vary our pitch but we return to this home frequency over and over again. Similarly, it has been shown that when we sing to ourselves or pick a note to tone out of the blue (like the Om in Yoga class) we almost always pick that same frequency.

Spoken words are actually staccato musical tones. The notes at the top of this page are musical representations of actual spoken words. Notice how often the "G" note occurs in the spoken word. If a person's voice is resonating in the same key as the background soundtrack, the result is integrated and harmonious.


This overlooked phenomenon has an important role in your video or spoken word project.  If the background music is tuned to the voice frequency of the narrator, main actor or facilitator, the frequency is complimentary and more effective.

For this purpose, we offer a choice of full length musical pieces that are recorded in every key.



We will help you find your Resonant Frequency


By means of analyzing your speech, we can determine your resonant frequency. On a phone call, we will ask you a few questions and listen to your vocal characteristics.  Using digital pitch analysis, we can provide you with your resonant frequency in terms of key information. The process takes about twenty minutes. If you are unable to make a phone call, you can submit a recording of your speech (five minutes minimum).

The $80. charge for this service includes a personal call, the analysis of your pitch frequency and a full length 30 minute royalty-free meditation in your unique key.


A Sample of the Resonant Frequency meditation series,"Peaceful Meditation"

available in all twelve keys

Sample: 1:26, full length: 30 min

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