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This section spells out the permitted uses of our music.

Please read through. If you have any questions contact us.


1. You Are Invited to Use Our Music For:


Spoken-word audio recordings


A common use of our music is as a musical backdrop to spoken word recordings.. Guided meditations, instructional videos, inspirational talks, affirmations, yoga classes are examples. You may distribute as many copies of videos, streams or recordings as you like without paying additional fees. There is no limit to the amount of copies you may produce. An attribution ("music by Meditation Music Central") is appreciated but not required.

Videos, Podcasts and YouTube
Go ahead and use our music for YouTube and other video streaming services and monetize your work. The music is not to be used as the "main item," the focus should be on the visual content, voiceover or other content.

Broadcast at a Venue
The music can be played a locations such as conferences, seminars, consultations, classes, therapy hotels and restaurants.  Only one location is permitted in this license.

Recordings for Clients
If you create recordings for individual clients, you may reuse the music for each. However, the client is not allowed to re-sell the recording


Film & Related Media
MMC music license covers productions for film, television, video conferencing, corporate productions, DVDs and other media.

MMC music is ideal for software apps when voiceovers and visual content predominate ie. interactive games. The music is royalty-free on any device.

2. Monetizing your Products

You may distribute and sell an unlimited number of copies of those products at any price you choose. You can sell your products in as many formats as you like, worldwide. After the purchase of the license, it is royalty free in perpetuity.


3. Editing

You can edit our music to your heart's content, including fading into other compositions.

4. Except for:


Distributing and Selling the Music "As Is"

MMC music is intended as a supportive soundscape your your video or audio creations. It is not intended to be resold without modifications by you.  This means that you cannot stream, or sell physical or digital copies of this music without modifications.

Sharing,selling or transferring the license to another person is not permitted. The license is for your use only.


5. Attribution:  Attribution (music by Meditation Music is appreciated but not required!


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