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Chakra Music

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Although there are differing opinions, many sound healers and composers often assign the following tones to the seven chakras:

Root Chakra: C, Sacral: D, Solar Plexus: E, Heart: G, Throat: A, Third eye: B, Crown: C.

Each of these pieces establish the dominant tone for each chakra.The corresponding sacred syllables are repeated throughout each 13 minute composition.

All meditations are available both as full CD quality .wav files and MP3s.  Please allow 24 hours for delivery via email.  Each chakra track is approximately 9 minutes. License price for each individual chakra piece is $55. A special discount is available for all seven pieces.

Questions, information? Contact us​ 

Special Price for all 7 chakra recordings $255.

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Root Chakra Sample: C 
1 root.jpg

The first chakra encompasses the hips, legs, lower back and male sexual areas. It is used to heal obesity, anorexia nervosa, knee problems and sexual problems.

The color is red. The sacred syllable is uh (as in huh).

It is associated with the earth, safety, money, security, vitality and family.

License: $55.

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2 sacral.jpg
Sacral Chakra sample: D

The second chakra encompasses the kidney, bladder, sexual (women) and large intestine.

The color is orange. The sacred syllable is oo (as in you).

It is associated with creativity, freedom, emotions, creating abundance, passion and fertility. License: $55.

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3 solar plexus.jpg
Solar Plexus Chakra: E

The third chakra encompasses stomach, liver, gall bladder and small intestines.

The color is yellow.The sacred syllable is oh (as in so).

It is associated with discipline, ego authority, personal power, self-confidence and self-worth. License: $55.

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Heart 4.jpg
Heart Chakra sample: G

The fourth chakra encompasses the heart, lungs, shoulders, circulatory system and upper back.

The color is green. The sacred syllable is ah (as in la).

It is associated with empathy, loving emotions, understanding and compassion. License: $55.

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5 throat.jpg
Throat Chakra sample: A

The fifth chakra encompasses the throat, neck, ears and thyroid gland.

The color is sky blue.The sacred syllable is I (as in my).

It is associated with communication, eloquence, truthfulness, humor and the expression of creativity. License: $55.

6 3rd eye.jpg
Third Eye Chakra sample: B

The sixth chakra encompasses the eyes, face, brain and the lymphatic system.

The color is royal purple.The sacred syllable is ay (as in ray).

It is associated with balance, mental clarity, insight, intuition, psychic ability and wisdom. License: $55.

7Crown Chakra.jpg
Crown Chakra sample: C

The seventh chakra encompasses the crown of the head.

The color is purple, white or gold. The sacred syllable is ee (as in me).

It is associated with enlightenment, spirituality, the higher self, deep knowing and divinity.  License: $55.

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