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Frequently Asked Questions


How do people use this music?
The purpose of this site is to provide beautiful music settings for videos, guided meditations, podcasts, hypnosis and sleep therapies, spiritual seminars, streaming videos, apps, software, CDs and MP3 downloads- basically any media production that uses the music with picture or as a background setting.
  You may also play the music at your place of business with no further charges. Once purchased, you automatically are entitled to use for monetary purposes.
See our license terms here

What is the difference between royalty free and regular music?   Royalty free music means that, after the initial purchase, you needn't be concerned with royalties again. With regular music, you must, by law,  negotiate with the copyright holder fees and royalty payments.

Why is royalty free music more expensive than normal downloads?
The difference between royalty free music and music you download from a site like iTunes or Amazon is in the rights you are purchasing.  Using downloads from regular music sites or from your music collection can result in penalties, legal action or having your video or site taken down. By purchasing the license from us you are buying peace of mind.
With your download you receive an invoice and a license agreement to legally use the music however you choose.

Is it possible to get music composed especially for my project?
Absolutely. If only a custom backing track made-to-order will do, we would be happy to oblige.  Time frame and charges will of course vary. Please get in touch for further information. Read more here.

Can I get my purchased music on a CD?
The site is optimized for downloading digital music files, but if you like we will be happy to mail you a CD of the music you purchase.

How much can I alter your music?
You may edit at will, add sounds fx and voices, but using "as is" or adding instruments is not permitted.

When I receive my music, what format will it be in?
Upon receipt of your order, we will send to you links to download the compositions. We will send you both .wav files (highest quality) and mp3 files (standard for websites and streaming). Although many orders are filled within a few hours, please allow 24 hours for fulfillment.

Can I download directly to an iPhone or iPad?
These devices can only download from iTunes. So simply download the music from the link provided to a laptop or desktop computer (Mac or PC).  Then drag your files into your iTunes library. From there sync your device with iTunes.

I don't have a PayPal account. Is there some other way to purchase the music?

Yes, it's possible to pay by credit card or check. Please contact us for details.

I'm not experienced with pro audio. Can you help with finishing my project?

Yes, we can! Please see the article on the home page.


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